Monday, August 19, 2013

starting where I am....

The summer is always a time of abandoning schedules and being a bit more free form.  I eat worse, I sleep too late in the morning, I exercise less.   As we know, life is a balancing act.  A delicate balance of being relaxed and being disciplined...   Holding on and letting go....  Finding the right equilibrium for yourself.

As much as I have enjoyed the summer, I am craving more structure.  Rather than get bogged down by how derailed I have become or how far my goals seem to be, I will start where I am.   A commitment on this Monday, August 20, 2013, to a better self.   Involving some daily exercise, mediation and writing.  It will help to visit this space with more frequency again.   My little place in the internet that centers me.   Upward and onward we go in the infinite quest for peace.