Tuesday, July 22, 2014

20 months

Today you turn 20 months.  Definitely not a baby anymore and most definitely a bubbly, happy toddler.  As you have since day 1, you amaze me every moment.  Your gentle nature, your desire to make those around you happy, your cuddly spirit.   None of that has changed and I hope it never does.

The connections that go off in your brain these days continue to amaze us.  Your vocabulary grows larger with words like banana, bus, truck, bubbles, duck...   Your favorite activity is reading your books about cars and trucks or playing with your cars and trucks.  It's all about transportation these days! You'll point to trucks on the street, you'll roll your truck along the floor or table or any surface you can find.

As you grow up before our eyes, I try to hold on to each day and all the goodness it brings knowing that busy as it, one day I will long for these early morning hugs and evening lullabies.   Sweet, kind Joseph.  Thank you for blessing us today and every day these past 20 months.  There is nothing better.

(this picture of you cracks me up!  Thank you for being perfectly you, Baby J)