Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer days

Now you talk in sentences!  You say "mama, can you get my milk.  I stay here cuddling with daddy" - no joke, those words were spoken this morning.  Your cars and trucks are still the highlight of your day and you usually start and end the day talking about them - "did you see the steam roller." "we saw TWO mailtrucks" "yellow tractor goes fast!!"    You zip cars and trucks around the house, the yard and every ride we take is an adventure since we never know what we'll see!  White van! Minibus! Bulldozer! 

You want to do more things on your own.  You like to tell me "no. Jojo help you mama."  You like to pick out your clothes, your shoes, buckle your seatbelt by yourself and always, always, hold your own ice cream cone.  "jojo hold it!!!"  

We've been having a great summer. You swim and play and explore.  The world is yours, my boy.