Thursday, October 8, 2015

What you're doing

Pausing to take a moment to capture the SWEETNESS that is you, J.    Oh, little one --- how you fill us with so many laughs and so much love.   You're fully in the school-year groove.  This week you sang on the way to school "All the way to Jo-Jo's school" in this little tune that you sing when we're going to Grammy's house.   You run up the stairs, into the classroom and then as I open the door to see myself out, I hear a little voice - "bye mama!"  .....and my heart melts.

Today when we got there your friends all greet you at the door.  According to the teacher, they had been waiting for you.   "Where's Joe?"   I guess the classroom isn't the same without you!

The ride to school is particularly fun since the town is bustling and we see lots of construction vehicles, school buses, fire trucks -- all getting ready for the day ahead.   You notice everything and make sure I do too.  "Yellow delivery truck, mama.  Did you see."

You continue to teach us so much.  Presence, joy, wonder.