Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A post on change...

A great post on change via Design for Mankind.  I highly recommend reading it all but here's an excerpt:

Changing your life isn’t about having faith in your ability to fly, to rise above, to conquer your dreams.
It’s about having faith that the fall won’t kill you.
It’s realizing that a failure elsewhere is better than a success here.
When it comes to career change, one of the most important metrics for me was imagining someone else in the shoes that I was about to leave.  How did it make me feel?  I knew it was time to go when I really, truly, felt no pangs of jealousy about the person who would ultimately replace me.  It was hers now.  Pass the torch without remorse, regret, stones left unturned. 
The path that followed that initial change wasn't simple.  I'm not here to report it was.  It was quite tumultous.  But it was worth it.  and the bumpy ride that took place post-change was, in fact, easier than the inertia.