Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Did you know 1) it still exists?  2) if you are feeling nostalgic it's a great place to go!   My husband has been going on and on about wanting to see an older movie.  We constantly searched for it On Demand, with no luck, and really didn't want to renew our Netflix just for one movie.  ....which brought me to Blockbuster.  Oddly enough, we still have one in our neighborhood.  Must be one of the few left!   Anyways, sure enough they had my movie - it was $0.99 (all movies over 1 year old are $0.99!) - and that was that.

It was actually kind of fun to search all of the DVD boxes and remember some names you hadn't thought of in years but are worth revisiting, especially for $1!   I know its days are numbered and one day we'll tell our kids we used to go to a "video store" and they had shelves and shelves of movies and they'll find it hard to grasp, but for now it was sort of fun to be back.