Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Strategy, Story, State

I was lucky enough to attend Oprah's Lifeclass on Monday night featuring Tony Robbins.  It was a really special experience and completely lived up to my expectations.   Tony Robbins was incredible.  His presence, energy, stamina....but most importantly, his message is right on. 

Tony's goal is to awaken each one of us to our greatest potential.  I am the first to admit I do not live up to mine.  Whether that's out of fear, laziness, or desire to stay in a comfortable place --- I would never deny that I am not living to my fullest potential.   Without guilt or shame, I can say that and also say that I'm committed to giving a little more.  To pumping up my own volume....

Tony's advice on how to do so is as follows:
1. Strategy - you need a strategy for whatever your goal may be.  Often times the strategy is the easiest part of the puzzle.  People don't fail in weight loss because they don't know how to lose weight.  Most of us know what needs to be done, or at least how to get started, so that we can achieve whatever goals we have...

2. Story - similar to the message last week, the story   We need to stop the voice in our head that says we can't.  We need to stop the replaying message that pigeon holes what we can/cannot do. Until you "divorce that story" you simply cannot achieve what you want to...
"When you don't cover up the world with words and labels, a sense of the miraculous returns to your life" - Eckert Tolle.

3. State - Last but not least, to achieve your goals you need to change your state - state of mind which is undoubtedly linked to physical state of being.  Tony reminded us that almost every accomplished athlete, musician, comedian... has a way of mentally preparing himself for a big event.  They have a way of putting themselves into an optimal state.  We all need to learn how to create that internal state so that we are mentally and physically able to give our best. 

Being part of the live Oprah experience was definitely a dream of mine.....and wishes come true.