Friday, July 27, 2012

Coming Along...

Our nursery is coming along.   We were able to rip out the old, terrible carpet and about 3 layers of subflooring before reframing the room and laying down a new hardwood floor.   We also had to paint all of the existing trim, which was a "natural" wood color.   We built a new entrance to the room by adding an extension to the kitchen and making the flow of the space a little more practical.  

All in all, it's been a really fantastic project and we're psyched with the results thus far.   I think it's been extra special for my husband because he really bonded with the room and doing something so special for his son.  I carry this boy with me and get to feel him move around and grow everyday but building the room I think really allowed for some "bonding" between father and son.   Little guy, I hope you like it.  It was certainly a labor of love from your Dad who thought about you the entire time!

Sneak Peak Photo.  More work still to come:
Previous Owners (before)


Sneak Preview of the After...