Monday, October 28, 2013

Joseph's first Halloween!

My heart is so full from a weekend of pure goodness.   We had Joseph's first Halloween party with his Isis friends.  Ten 11-month old babies one dressed cuter than the next and some wonderful, as always, mamas who are reassuring, funny, laid back and just all around good people raising good kids.   I am so lucky to be part of this crew!

On Sunday afternoon, Joseph and I walked to the local park dressed in his "fear the beard" Red Sox costume.  It was the perfect impromptu, cold-weather, "costume" and a fun way for Joseph to take part in his first World Series.  

In between the Halloween festivities were some tasty home cooked meals, Italian wine, and lots of good sports.  It was perfection.  Our boy is pure happiness and life is feels so full.   Deep, deep gratitude for all of it.....