Monday, November 4, 2013

Brooklyn Smorgasburg

Our first overnight without the little guy in tow did not disappoint.   Seeking a change of scenery, a new neighborhood, and some new sites to devour we found ourselves in Brooklyn, NY.  It was exactly what I was seeking.  A funky eclectic neighborhood,  beautiful fall weather, wonderful easy conversation with my amazing husband and just good old fashioned exploration.  

On Sunday morning we hit up the Brooklyn Smorgasburg - an outdoor food festival with well over 50 curated food stands.   We stuffed ourselves without remorse ---- pork sandwiches, BBQ, dumplings, curry soup, chile hot chocolate, Taiwanese sandwiches, French macaroons.... you name it, we probably had it.  One thing was better than the next.  A few of our favorites from the day were Porchetta, Brooklyn Wok, and Bite Size Kitchen.  But really, everything was interesting and delicious!

As always, travel reinvigorates us.  It is so important to both my husband and I.   Whether we are thousands of miles away or just a car ride from home, it realigns our spirit and reminds us what's important.

In this world of consumption and bigger, better, more, more, more... I think it has never been so important to hone into what *you* really need and what really satisfies *you* otherwise you will drown in a sea of greed and wanting.   There will always be a more luxurious sofa, a newer car, a bigger house, a more lovely sweater or new bag....  It's easy to get caught in a spiral of never-ending desire and wonder when it's going to come to a miraculous halt and you and your pretty things will feel good.  But that's not the ticket.   The magic bullet, as far as I'm concerned, is about being deliberate. Using your finite free time and money on what speaks to your soul and leaves *you* feeling recharged and alive.... there is not a magic equation, it is completely and utterly unique to each of us individuals. Similar to the Smorgasbug --- a taste for every palette.  Find what makes your heart sing ~~~

(French Macaroons apparently voted #1 by the New York Times.  For the record, I'm partial to the ones at Formaggio in Boston.  Again, taste, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.)