Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

Short on time here but wanted to get a few quick thoughts down before I hurry off to wrap up what's left of 2013....

For starters, this year was a tough one for me.  It will go down in the books as quite possibly the hardest.  There was so much adjusting....  learning to be a mom and then a working mom.   Learning a slew of new skills as enormous changes occurred at work.   Learning to set boundaries.  Learning to ask for help.  Learning to accept help.  Learning to say no.  Learning to say yes, even though the house is a mess, there's not enough time and I'll be tired tomorrow...   

I made some amazing new friends.  I let go of some relationships that had run their course.   

Like anything, results take hard work.  I was tested to the limit this year.  And I made it to the finish line - proud of the work I was able to produce, proud of the mother that I am, proud of the wife, friend and daughter I am...  Content with who I am.  

I can and will do better.  And am looking forward to packing the tools that 2013 helped sharpen to make 2014 an excellent one.  

"When the stresses of life build up to a certain point, whether it's the loss of someone you love or the loss of a job or a divorce, we all would understand when you say, "That really broke me down," meaning it was a change that ended in making us a little more cynical or scared or unable to cope. But there is this other possibility that after the breaking, we can open up more into who are supposed to be, in the way that a flower breaks out of the confines of a bud into its full blossoming." - Elizabeth Lesser