Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome, 2014

I took a look back at my January 1, 2013 post from this time last year.  On it, I resolved to get to a Boston museum ----- hoorah, Museum of Fine Arts and The Children's Museum!    Travel more ---- we made it on a solo overnight to Brooklyn where we checked out the Brooklyn Smorgasburg and some fun neighborhoods.  For having a 1 year old, I'm content with sticking with my "life rule" of a minimum of one new place per year.   Those were the two tangible goals for 2013, so I'm happy to report to self that I did them.   And since goals, dreams, visions etc. are easier to achieve when written and accounted for here are a few of mine for 2014.

1.  Continue with art and culture.   More museum visits again this year....

2.  Get to pre-pregnancy weight.  You don't hear me talk much about weight and body image here but the time has come to get a little more serious with my exercise and diet regime.   It's important to my physical and mental well being.

3.  Systems.  Create some organized processes for the way things get done...   bills get paid, papers get filed, stuff gets sorted.   Organization is tough for me but with the busyness of life, I've never felt it more crucial.  Even simple things like leaving my keys/phone/bag in the same place every day will help me feel less frazzled.

4. Family.  Be more kind & more patient with those that mean the most to me.  It's easy to give the rest of the world something better than you give them.   I'm not sure why this is the case but I'd like to resolve to tilt the scales to something more in their favor.

5.  Simplify.  Less stuff.  Purge.  Resist. Condense.   Ughhhh --- the sheer volume of stuff that we accumulate starts to make me feel gross.

I'll stop there.   Of course, I could go on and on... but I think this is a challenging yet achievable list that would help make 2014 a better year.

Wishing you all a year of peace and health.  With peace and health, all else is achievable.

(and a lovely living space because what's the point of resolutions if not to help you reach your dreams)