Friday, January 31, 2014


The radio silence here has been due to a combination of stomach flu, busy work schedule and the little old task of BUYING A NEW HOUSE!    Yep... about 30 days from now, all things remaining equal, our little family will be moving to what I will proudly call my personal dream come true.

I saw this house come on the market back in December.  I immediately showed it to anyone willing to look and drove by it that very night.  I saved pictures of it to my computer, thinking although this house will never be mine, maybe some day I can try to make my house more like it.   There is something hard to articulate about why I fall in love with the houses that I do.  It's an energy, a feeling, a vibe.  I had the exact same feeling when we purchased our current home in 2005.   It wasn't a neighborhood I was familiar with or really saw myself in...  but when I saw the house I knew it was for me.   Nine years later, that lovely little house holds the most near and dear spot to me.   It has made so much of what we've done possible...  

So, as I thought more about house #2, I realized maybe it didn't need to be a pipe-dream.  Sure, I had never anticipated moving back to my hometown but it was an amazing place to grow up, a wonderful community of like-minded people, excellent proximity to my parents....maybe the pros far outweighed the cons.  Just like that I tried to let go and surrender to what felt right.   Everything about raising our family in this house spoke to me in a resounding, yes!

We set up a showing and made an offer that day.  We've had the house thoroughly inspected, got going on the financing process and have been moving quickly ever since.  I am jumping out of my seat with excitement and so eager for this next chapter!!

Meanwhile, my Brene Brown e-course continues.  I devoured her book The Gifts of Imperfection.  I'll probably write more about it here but in the meantime there's a chapter on intuition that simply could not be overlooked.   She writes, "Intuition is not independent of any reasoning process.  In fact, psychologists believe that intuition is a rapid-fire, unconscious associating process - like a mental puzzle.  The brain makes an observation, scans its files, and matches the observation with existing memories, knowledge and experiences.  Once it puts together a series of matches, we get a "gut" on what we've observed."  (page 87-88)

A timely chapter, for sure.