Monday, April 14, 2014

In the yard...

We bought our house when in January, meaning there was a thick (2+ feet) blanket of snow and ice on the ground.  It stayed that way through our closing process and the first few weeks of taking ownership.  The seller told me that she is an avid gardener and the yard is a spectacle come the warmer months.  I, on the other hand, am not an avid gardener so whatever was there would be happily welcomed and whatever wasn't, likely never would be and I honestly just wasn't too concerned.

But here we are, a few weeks into April and the snow is finally gone.  The ground is beginning to thaw and the yard is starting to give us a sneak preview into what's to come.   I've noticed prickled, thorny bushes (roses, presumably?) and large dormant bushes that show remnants of hydrangeas!   What color - one can only guess.

It's exciting....!   The final thaw and early signs of spring are always filled with a bit of magic here in New England but this year feels a little extra special.  There are, quite literally, surprises blooming with each day that passes.