Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 Books

There's a thing going around on Facebook asking people to name (in no particular order and without thinking too hard) 10 books that stick out in your mind.  I figured I'd do the exercise here instead:

1. The Kite Runner - I have never read a more page-turning, haunting piece of fiction.

2. Guns, Germs and Steel - I read it for a book club but it really piqued an interest in anthropology I never knew I had.

3. Bringing up Bebe - I find the parenting genre kind of irritating so this was a refreshing and light read while home with a new baby.  It made it seem ok that I wanted to go back to work, that I wasn't going to breastfeed for eternity and that being a mom is just one part of who I am.  

4. Mystic River - The best thriller I ever read.

5. Bridget Jones Diary - I read this while living in London.  Our flat had no tv and I didn't know anyone --- I remember looking forward to reading this book.  Bridget's character was so lovingly imperfect.

6. Omnivore's Dilemma - A well researched, yet enjoyable book that taught me a lot about modern food production.

7.  Broken Open - Rarely do I read/hear anything from Elizabeth Lesser that doesn't leave me nodding in agreement.

8. Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain is my celebrity crush.  I love his sharp humor, quick sentences and general view on life.

9. Daring Greatly - If for nothing else, Brene's definition of connection and the parenting manifesto laid out in this book are forever at the forefront of my thoughts.

10. French Women Don't Get Fat - The only book I've ever read twice.  It combines many of my favorite things - foreign culture, food, and memoir.