Thursday, September 4, 2014

Seasons of Life

I love the change of seasons.  Here in New England, the past week has been one of the warmest of a relatively temperate summer but I have no doubt that September will soon arrive with its low humidity, cool nights and sunny days.  I adore the change of seasons.  I love the way routines change along with the weather.  Sundays are spent with football on and warm meals cooking.   Kids are back to school and their routines.  Work gets cranking again.  

Seasons recharge me.  But as we enter this newest fall, I can't help but think what a different season of life we have entered.  We have a highschool freshman (!!) and a toddler at home.  We're busy packing lunches, picking up from soccer practice and helping with homework.  We live in the suburbs and although that means a longer commute, it also means bus stops, a friendly neighborhood and enough space for everyone.  

Life is wonderful but undoubtedly different than ever before.  We have entered a new season.  For so many years, I prepared myself for this one.  We saved diligently knowing one day we'd look to buy a home exactly like the one we did.  We strategized - holding on to an investment property, getting a business off the ground and working out careers that would make life in this new season possible.  And here we are. I think it's taken me some time to realize we have crossed this threshold.  I knew the old life for so long.    I'm realizing now that it's time to set new goals and expectations.  We need a new family budget, one that is focused a little less on saving and a little more on making a very busy life doable AND enjoyable.  

Like the seasons of weather, I welcome this change and will adjust the sails accordingly.