Wednesday, November 26, 2014


My baby turned two last weekend.   TWO!   That means for two full years you've been lighting up our life, making us laugh, and bringing such joy to everyone who has the pleasure of knowing you.  Here are a few things you do....  I know, one day it will seem impossible to remember (sniff.)

:: The Wiggle!  Oh J, your dance moves are beyond precious.  Lucky us, we've caught them on video because no words could ever do justice to your adorable wiggle.

:: Animal sounds.  What does the cow say, "moo".  The horse says, "neigh", the kitty says "meow", the dog says "woof " --- more like fffff --- but I gotcha, little one.

:: So many hugs and kisses and blowing kisses and more hugs.  Your ease with affection is so admirable.

:: Run!  You don't walk most places anymore, you run everywhere.  Your little feet - pure excitement to get where you need to go.  Even if it's just the bathroom to help someone flush the toilet! :)

:: And last but not least, The Bus.  Your obsession with the school bus.  Whether it's watching clips of Wheels on the Bus on youtube or seeing the kids on the street get picked up by school bus or seeing a real bus drive by us.  Your excitement is contagious!

Happy Two Years old to the love of my life.  My angel.  My sweet, sweet baby boy.   You are everything I ever dreamed of and so much more.