Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Historic Snow

Here in Massachusetts, we're experiencing record snowfall.  I think the totals are up around 90" - when a normal season is 30-40".  It's been tiring as schedules have been tipped upside down, commutes have been doubled or tripled, houses are springing ice dams.   Life in New England is not for the faint of heart.

Alas, the show goes on and these snowed in days and breaks from the routine have given me more time than usual with my baby J.   These days he's so giggly.  He loves to make us laugh --- he'll throw himself on the floor or do other intentional "jokes" then pop up with a fake belly-laugh.   He'll adamantly insist he needs to feed the dog - AGAIN.   If you ask him to wiggle, he'll shake his little butt and laugh.   He'll march over to the closet and point for "BLUE" - his blue play-doh like sand.

This little guy knows what he wants but at his heart, he really is a pleaser.  He wants to see us happy and is so affectionate.  He'll happily lay in bed all morning exchanging cuddles.   Oh - and his curiosity - we can't have a bowl or plate without him taking a peak to see what's inside.

So yes, our kitchen sprung a leak due to accumulated ice dams.  And yes, my ride into Boston takes me two+ hours most days but I've had the luxury of being cooped up with my little one and treasuring these days.   The snow is taller than he is.  His boots light up.  Everything makes him laugh.  We are making history, too.