Thursday, February 26, 2015

Article Club III

Tonight's article club will feature this piece.   A welcome change of pace since our past 3 articles have had more of an emphasis on personal growth and social psychology.   In Article Club, we rotate moderators.  The moderator picks the article, the place to meet and will lead the discussion.  My hope is that each person brings a new perspective or topic of interest, that I may not have ordinarily have chosen for myself.

My biggest takeaway from the piece on the hunt for one of Mexico's biggest cartel leaders is the origins of motivation.   They describe Guzman as similar to Bin Laden, in that he would live in a remote mountain area, basically cut off from civilization living like a pauper despite the hundreds of millions he had in the bank.   He was a master of escape.  He took elaborate measures to make sure he could not be followed.

Ultimately, they caught him.  He went down without a fight.  Whether that was to protect his young twins and his wife who were with him at the time of his capture, or if the capture was entirely staged and he once again orchestrated the whole escapade, remains unknown.

The article interestingly points out, there will be a new leader.   And if it's not drugs, its human trafficking, sex trade or illegal commodity trading.  Until human beings are not motivated by power and greed, there will be criminals exploiting the markets.   It's part of the string that ties us as humans. Whether we're discussing drug lords, church ministers or venture capitalists, when the circumstances of our external lives collide with the power of our unique intrinsic motivation we may be presented with a historic criminal or world leader.   Each of us is formulaically one-of-a-kind.