Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Morning Pages

In The Artists Way, Julia Cameron emphasizes the work of "Morning Pages".  These three page, unedited journal entries, should be a way to cleanse the mind and eventually help make sense of your inner banter.   What continues to come up?  What can be resolved?  How do you feel and what are common triggers for feeling that way?

It's a brilliant exercise - not only for people trying to find their inner artist, but for everyone who is struggling to find more peace.   Looking back at some NTL entries, I realize that over the past 4 years they have been my "Morning Pages".   They have helped me immensely as I navigated some rocky pathways and eventually found my way.

Among the things I've learned, is the importance of intentional living.   Get quiet.  Find your intentions and then, and only then, can you create the opportunities for yourself to live them.   It may not be easy and it may not be quick, but make sure your trajectory is always heading closer to your intended life.