Tuesday, March 3, 2015

To Thrive

I needed a new blog.  Mine have become so stale - at no fault of their own, it must be incredibly challenging to come up with daily content year after year...     Someone once described blogs like magazines, at first they have a lot to offer but after awhile their material just seems like stuff you've already seen before. 

That's not to say I don't still have my favorites - Sweet Fine Day, Elements of Style, Soule Mama. Those always seem just right to me.   Anyways, I recently came across Chookooloonks - and fell down that glorious rabbit hole of a blog you haven't read before with a smart, fresh point of view. 

One post that particularly caught my eye, was the series she's done asking 40 year old+ women what it means to Thrive.   You can see the entire project on her site - and I highly recommend it - but for a shorter synopsis, below are definitions people gave her when she asked what it means to Thrive.  I gave the exercise some thought too.   For me,  to thrive is to exist with purpose.  To pursue personal growth, authentic self acceptance and peace in both my inner and outer experience.    

"To live passionately.  To live with conviction."  ~ Melissa
"For me, it is to flourish, in spite of challenges and hardship."  ~  Meg
"To thrive is to blossom into someone who loves themself."  ~  Alexandra
"Eudaimonia.  Isn't that just the best word??"  ~ Angela
"To thrive is to live, with love and purpose."  ~  Jennifer
"A powerful word for me.  I define it in contrast to merely surviving.  Surviving is living in relation to one's wounds.  Sometimes it's the best we can do.  But thriving is living beyond them."  ~  Kyran
"Living abundance."  ~  Lucrecer
"To maintain the gift of being present with the present."  ~  Sara
"To be operating from a mature, calm, satisfied part of your brain.  To be 'doing well' and not agonized or in distress; to be growing and experiencing joy."  ~  Heather
I believe to thrive is to live an exuberant, celebratory life. - Chookooloonks.