Monday, August 24, 2015


Over the weekend, the Fenix team gathered for another Summer Boston Open.  This is the big tournament of the year - 54 competitors represented the team where they took 2nd place in a nail biting finish.

Year in and year out, the day never ceases to amaze me.   Hundreds of athletes compete in an incredibly tough sport - 1:1.  Just them vs. their opponent and a gymnasium full of teammates, coaches, rivals and strangers cheering them on.

This one was special, as it was Lucca's first competition.  The son of the coach.  The son of a very competitive coach...   And friends, he killed it.  In BJJ language, he submitted both opponents. That's the equivalent of the best win you can get.  He looked cool, calm, and composed on the mat - though he says he was a wreck - but you'd never know.  I think he has his father's icy veins and composure under pressure - a great trait that I envy.

The smiles from that day are everything.  They capture the joy and the pride that was felt.  Father and son shared that win.  I like to think the smiles represent the year they've spent together.  Like the fight, it hasn't been easy.  The obstacles have been many but the victory is proof that the hardwork and sacrifice pays off.  A lesson transferable in so many ways.   Congratulations Lucca - you earned it!