Tuesday, November 24, 2015

and then you were 3

I'm not quite sure how it happened.  But Baby J, you managed to turn 3 over the weekend.  How is it possible you've been with us for 3 years, 1000+ days, since 11.22.2012.   My boy, you've been making us laugh and filling our heart with so much love and goodness since the first day you arrived.

I was so scared - terrified - when I woke up in the hospital room and you weren't there.  After a very complicated c-section, the nurses were just getting you cleaned up but I didn't know why you weren't there with me - but they put you in my arms and my life changed forever.  To hold you and know that you made it was to understand peace.

And since that exhale in the hospital post-op room, you have been the light of my life.  I have sang songs 1000's of times just because you request it.   We have read stories and flipped thru books that we both know by heart.   I have held you and chased after you and lifted you and wiped away tears.  You, my son, have done the same for me.   On my darkest days, you have been there to lift my spirit, to make me smile, to remind me of my greatest joy in this life --- being your mama.

So, now you are 3.   We began the year with a family outing to Chuck E Cheese.  You loved it. And we loved watching your excitement while you ran from ride to ride.  It wasn't the biggest of birthday celebrations, but it was perfect.  We love being with you and sharing your spirit.  We hope the love we have for you fills your heart forever, just as you have done for us.  Happy birthday my little angel.  Happy Birthday Joseph.