Thursday, November 12, 2015

This is 40

It's so much harder to write here than it used to be.  It's not due to lack or inspiration or activity, in fact, maybe just the opposite.  Life these days is so jam packed, I just don't have the time I used to for reflection.  But life is packed with goodness --- we've had events at the gym, surprise birthday visitors, and are hosting a decent sized 40th birthday party at the house.  October - November - December is without a doubt our family's busiest time.

We had some of our closest friends over on Tuesday night for a small birthday gathering.  There was guitar-playing (and J on the Triangle!), toddlers up too late, visitors who flew in and dogs running around... it was joy.  It was life.   Our life - the life  we carve with intention and create for ourselves.  Grateful for it all.

"Set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flames." - Rumi