Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three Weeks

My little guy --- you're already 3 weeks old!  And what a baby you are.... you are a bigger joy than your dad and I could have ever imagined.  Such a good boy, a great sleeper, a perfect eater... you have made these 3 weeks so wonderful.  Dad loves to put you on his chest in the morning for some extra sleep, you both look so comfortable.  And my days with you are so sweet --- we read books but for now it seems you like music more than reading.  We sing songs and dance and you are such a happy boy.  ...then you sleep.  You sleep a lot :)   We have a joke already, daddy and I say "the more bolla, the better".  Bolla is Portuguese for ball and the more we hold you tight and curl you up....the happier you seem.  You love to be cuddled!!   

Everyday is so peaceful with you in the house.  It is just our dream come true.  Sometimes my eyes fill with tears just thinking that we brought you into this world and you are, and always will be, our son.  It's an amazing journey and we are just trying to soak up every single moment.  Our hearts are so very full of love.