Saturday, December 29, 2012


As we approach the start of another new year, I always wonder - what can I do different, how can I improve myself and my life.  2012 not only brought the arrival of my son, but it brought a sense of peace to my life.  My pregnancy filled me with a true sense of my soul and body being in harmony --- a desire to be a mother, to have a child --- was fulfilled and I felt truly *happy* and present. 

I hope to continue 2013 in that same spirit.  I hope to be patient with my boy, with my husband, with my family and all of those around me and most importantly with myself.  Strive not for perfection, but for happiness.  Measure myself by my own standards and take pleasure in the tiny moments, for they will pass all too quickly. 

Success is peace and contentment with yourself.   Pride, satisfaction, purpose. I hope that 2013 continues to lead me on this path of true unity with the life of my dreams ~*    Happy New Year, everyone.