Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On Marriage Equality

As the Supreme Court weighs the issue of Gay Marriage, I was tempted to bypass the topic here entirely.  Honestly, the issue is such a no brainer for me, such an absolute, that it almost seems absurd that we still even need to discuss it.  The opposition to gay marriage seems to insist that it is about protecting the "sanctity" of marriage.  However, the sanctity of marriage has perhaps never been as lost as it is now. Almost daily, we watch politicians, ministers, athletes, and celebrities openly confess their extramarital affairs, have widely extravagant weddings and divorce weeks later, marry 3,4,5 different times.   We do not take away their right to marry because they have essentially laughed in the face of the sanctity of it.  

Piers Morgan said it quite well last night.  He didn't drone on about why this change needs to happen.  Instead he simply said that opposing gay marriage is not fair, not tolerant, and not American.   Well said.