Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7 months

We interrupt this insanely busy time in Mama's life to jot down some notes about my boy at 7 months.  Yesterday, I would say you had one of your best moods ever.  Which says a lot since you are always a joy.  But yesterday, wow.  You were all giggles, all smiles, all patience, all play.   You sit up now so well and you LOVE your Fisher Price ring stacker toy.  You could sit on your little spot on the couch and just remove those rings and play with them for ever.  I love your little attention span.

When the time comes for bed, you are so cuddly.  You tuck right into mama's lap and nod off.  I know you're ready to go down when I put you in your crib and you roll to your right, clasp your hands together and cross your ankles over each other.   My sweet little angel.

When the morning comes, you wake up with so much enthusiasm to start the day  ...even if it's too early for us it's hard to say no to your beautiful smile.  You get so excited that you kick your feet and breathe so quick it's as though you're panting.   ....Daddy and I know that once you get talking you're going to have so much to say.  We can tell that you have so much you want to share with us already.

Oh, my boy.  You amaze me.  You make us all so happy.  You are just the sweetest, happiest guy and I am so overwhelmed and honored to be your mama.