Monday, July 8, 2013

This time is theirs...

SouleMama is one of my absolute favorite blogs.  Although on the surface this homeschooled family of 7 has very little in common with me, the Mama has the most eloquent way with words and her thoughts and reflections always bring me a sense of peace.

In today's post, she writes about her older two going off to Summer Camp.  She concludes with this:

Of course, I'd love to hear more. Are they making friends? Did they pass the swim test? What activities are they signed up for? How are their counselors? And what about all that slow dancing at the dance? Are they having fun? But I think I know the answers to most of those questions, knowing these confident, happy boys of mine as I do. They'll tell me more when they get home, surely. And the rest - well, the rest is theirs to know and experience and share as they like or not, for that's what the growing up that they're doing is all about. This time is theirs.

Isn't that just a lovely reminder to all of us parents.   I think so...  

And a picture also from her site, capturing a "New England Summer" as I remember it! 

(image via SouleMama)