Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What you're doing

Oh, little one.  I have been waiting until your first birthday to write a blog post capturing all that you are up to these days but I just cannot hold it in.  You are growing so fast it's hard to comprehend.  Some days I swear I leave for work and come home and you've learned something new.   Over the weekend you played peekaboo with dad and I.  You hold the corners of a blanket and we say "Cade Jo-Jo" (where is Jo-Jo, in Portuguese) and you cover yourself....  then pull down the blanket and laugh.  everytime!  Then we give you high five, and ask you to wave and we do it all over again.   It's so fun to interact with you.   We can also ask you "Cade a bolla" (where is the ball) and you hurry right over to the soccer ball ....one of your favorite toys.  

We can't help but call you our Cuddlebug because you are the master of cuddles.  You snuggle right into whoever is with you and fit yourself in as comfortable as a little babe right out of his mama's belly. You are such a caring soul.   I know that without doubt.

So my little boy, every single day continues to be a blessing.  Every single moment with you warms our heart.   Thank you for coming to us.  We love you so very, very much.