Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finding Light

For years I desired a professional change.  If you look closely, you can probably find original posts (dating to 2011) on this blog where I reference making a change.  Overall, I tried to keep this space relatively positive so I wasn't constantly dwelling on my unmet needs, but it was always there.   Always a weight on my shoulders.

I incessantly read books (note: How to Find Fulfilling Work, despite it's literal title, was rather unimpressive), devoured internet posts, and basically anyone who knew me knew that I was unsatisfied with my career.   But stuck.  Stuck for so many reasons - money, benefits, familiarity, uncertainty about where to go... Recently, I realize I was living in a state of low-level career depression and one of the scariest components of depression is its ability to paralyze its sufferer.  The reason I know I had it, and no longer have it, is because I *feel* differently.   Not only is my mood lighter, but I feel the release of a certain physical pressure/weight that I always felt before.  The connection of the body to the mind is a limitless fascination to me.  

All of this to say, I want to dig deeper.   I am surrounded by so many wonderful, talented, smart, people are also suffering, knowingly and unknowingly.   How do we get people unstuck? How do we bring back light --- mental clarity and physical ease --- when it's been dormant for so long.   I'm not exactly sure but this is where I'd like to begin....