Friday, April 24, 2015

Going on 2.5

Baby J is right about 2.5.   Two and a half.  How is it even possible??  He's grown up so much and is a full blown toddler.  He says so much - all of his animals sounds, counts to 10 (but omits 7.  He knows he skips it because he pauses before going on to 8....), sings the ABC's.  He loves buses and tractors and the mailman!  Will demand that you get "down" to play with him or go "ouside" but first he needs to put on his "shooooes".   Oh, his little words melt my heart.

But not all has changed.  He is still a wonderfully calm, affectionate little spirit.  He wants to hug everyone.  He gives his friend Emma at least 3 bearhugs every week in music class - class is only 45 minutes!   And if he's not hugging, he's holding hands.  He's got a kind heart.  He brings love and sweetness everywhere he goes.  We are so very, very, very lucky.