Thursday, June 7, 2012


An excerpt from Anne Lamott's Speech at Berkley's Graduation:

...Only spirit feeds spirit, in the same way only your own blood type can sustain you...

I know you can feel it and hear it in the music you love, in the bass line, in the harmonies, in the silence between notes; in Chopin and Eminem, Emmylou Harris, Bach, whoever. You can close your eyes and feel the divine spark, concentrated in you, like a little Dr. Seuss firefly. It flickers with aliveness and relief, like an American in a foreign country who suddenly hears someone speaking in English. In the Christian tradition, they say that the soul rejoices in hearing what it already knows. And so you pay attention when that Dr. Seuss creature inside you sits up and says, “Yo!” 

Keep pressing forward.  Whether the storm.  Find the spirit that will sustain you and you alone.