Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26.2012

Almost nothing is as consistent as the message that to achieve greater inner peace and satisfaction, we must focus on what is uniquely great about the present moment.  Holding on too tightly to the past or living for the future, will only exaggerate feelings of angst.  Letting go of expectations for a future that we cannot predict.... having faith that our best effort today will yield results we want tomorrow.... understanding that all we have is here and now.  It's a hard practice but a worthwhile one.

So on this sunny, mild summer day I can say -
It's a good day because I get to wake up next to the person I love every morning.  We share a few brief moments together before we get going on our way.  I come to work in a comfortable space where I am treated well and appreciated.  I go home to a place where I feel safe and content.  I enjoy the comforts of love, reciprocity, flexibility and independence.   To breathe it all in and know what I have is unique and wonderful ~*