Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November!

Wow, November is here.  This is our month.   It seemed so far away when I started my 40 week countdown back in March and now it's arrived.   Only 3 more weeks of waiting.  It's hard to wrap my head around it. 

I'm HARDLY the pregnancy expert, but a few things that I learned along the way in case they're of any use to anyone:

> First and foremost, get started on shopping, registering, nursery decor and anything else you can think of EARLY.  You may feel silly in the baby stores with only a little bump, but trust me, you'll be so glad you did.   Inevitably, your weekends will fill up in the last months and having the bulk of the "errands" done has been a lifesaver.  From weeks 20-30, I felt so energized and elated.  Somewhere around week 34, I really slowed down.  Every pregnancy is different and you just don't know what's around the corner for you so the more you can do while you're feeling good, the better.   If I make no other recommendation but this one, it will be enough.

> When your clothes initially stop fitting and you're feeling bummed out, go to Destination Maternity.  In my opinion, they have the best selection and a wide range of prices/styles.  I invested in a pair of designer maternity jeans that I have worn from 3 months thru 9 months, and couldn't have spent that $200 in a better way.   Aside from that, I really did not splurge too much.  A lot of basic tees and tanks from Old Navy and Target and put them with non-maternity cardigans.  I bought a few funky accessories so even if I was in the same black tank, I could make it look like a slightly different outfit (and you can still use them post-partum). Someone told me not to go crazy with maternity clothes, so I kept it very basic and am glad I did.  I'd rather save the resources for a few nice things once I'm out of maternity wear!

> One day at a time.  Some days, particularly early and late in the game, you just don't feel well.  Knowing that every single day is different has been important to my sanity.   Thinking, "how will I deal with 8 months of this..." can make you crazy (!) --- especially since the very next day you might wake up feeling nothing like the day before.  In my experience, everyday was different.  I listened to my body, rested when I needed to and went a million miles per hour when I felt I could.  

> Keep perspective.  Has the pregnancy been entirely glamorous or easy or comfortable --- nope.  But I've tried to be really present and enjoy it.  I know that it is temporary and the majority of my life will not be in this condition.  On the days that I've felt a little sorry for myself or wanting that glass of wine or afternoon coffee, I've tried to just remember the miracle of what is happening and how fortunate me and my son are for being given this opportunity to grow together.

37 weeks down....