Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Final Nursery Reveal

Our nursery was one of the most special projects we've done as a couple.  While my belly grew in the early months, my husband embarked on this very intense Do-It-Yourself project.  We had a spare bedroom in our home that was so seemingly beyond repair, we had barely furnished it.  It was simply used as a storage space --- the carpet was old, stained, and musty smelling.  The woodwork trim was hideous 1970's wood.  The walls had seen too many tenants and were literally dirty.  I didn't know what could be done to salvage the awkward room but knew we had to try. 
This was the room prior to our move in.
Carpetand subfloor gets ripped out.

New Subflooring laid to level the ground.
My husband began ripping out the carpet. Then the subfloor --- layers and layers of it. Our house dates back to the 1880's which is New England code for, very uneven floors. We knew to properly lay the new hardwood everything would have to be ripped to the studs and re-leveled.

Painting the room Benjamin Moore's - Marilyn's Dress
Once most of the construction done, we started the furnishing. The room doesn't have a closet and I've had a white wardrobe forever.  While it's not cutting edge in terms of style, it is one of the most functional things I've ever owned and I knew we had to incorporate it into the room.  From there, our decision to stick with white furniture and the rest of the room was born....

The room is finished!

West Elm Glider

The rug from Layla Grace
Skyline Bedding from Dwell Studio

Pali Crib and Dwell bedding
Dwell Skyline Changing pad on top of Pali Dresser.  Art is from Homegoods, I wanted to keep the space from being overwhelmingly "baby" 

His bookcase from CB2. I wanted a place to add some color and interest to the room and also display a few special things.
The plate and saucer was mine as a baby, and the smurf mug from when I was a kid. The hat was my husband's as a boy.
We met in London and the small figurines are from Barcelona, one of our favorite cities.