Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome, 2013!

A few more concrete resolutions.... writing them here gives me a sense of accountability.   Last year I wrote this post and generally did pretty well with my goals.  Of course, I strayed a bit but all things considered I don't think it was an epic disaster.  Let's hope this year I can stay on course again.

1.  Breathe. Love more. Continue to look within, not outward, for approval and acceptance.
2. Art.  I will start with a small, achievable goal --- visit one of Boston's art museums.  The ICA, the Museum of Fine Arts, Isabella Gardner or someplace else.  Research an exhibit or just spend a quiet morning. 
3. Consume less stuff.  As we donate bags upon bags to charity in our effort to de-clutter, I am reminded yet again of a goal to buy less.  Save that money for something more worthwhile....
4. Travel.  Continue with my goal of visiting a new place (or two...or three...) every year. We have a few ideas brewing.
5. Journal.  As I often say, this little spot here is a great outlet for me and whether it be here, or on paper, write it out.
And most importantly, live with intention relishing in the sheer amazement of it all.