Friday, January 18, 2013

Eight Weeks!

My little man, you were 8 weeks this week.  Wow, is time flying!   You continue to be the truest joy we've ever experienced.  Dad & I are just pinching ourselves.   You're starting to make lots of adorable oohs and ahhhs and coos and you're giving some huge smiles, they MELT OUR HEART every single time.  You love to stare at the pictures from London we have in our living room.  It's where mommy and daddy met and one day you will hear all about your parents lovestory. We hope you are as happy with us as we are with you, little guy.

I read this great piece of parenting "advice" --- it said to remember you are raising a man, not a baby/child.  It really resonated...  Even though you're still so tiny and helpless, we need to always keep our eye on the target -- to raise a good person; a sincere, confident, kind, generous man who knows what it is to be unconditionally loved and who gives and receives that love and makes his own dreams come true, whatever they might be.