Friday, September 13, 2013

A morning practice

"For years I have used the words of poets to guide my life. And by poets, I don’t only mean Emily Dickenson or Walt Whitman. I lump into the job description of “poet” all sorts of thinkers and mystics: Jesus, Dr. King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rachel Carson... Anyone who can still my restless and worried mind with the magic of a few powerful, purposeful words is crowned a poet in my gamebook. 

Here’s what I do: I memorize one line from a piece of writing and I use it to begin and end my morning meditation. Sometimes that meditation lasts only as long as the line itself! Sometimes it happens in the car as I rush to work. I have found that a line of poetic writing is like a vitamin pill. If I can’t eat breakfast, at least I have the potent nutrients packed in a pill. And if I can’t spend a chunk of time wrapped in the healing cloak of silence and contemplation, at least I get the jolt of insight from my chosen line of poetry."  --- Elizabeth Lesser