Thursday, September 26, 2013

Career and Motherhood

I recently came across this Q&A on career and motherhood by Elizabeth Lesser.   What a wonderful response.   I thought you all might enjoy it, as well.


A: The first step is to stop trying to balance your life! It’s impossible. The crushing time conflict that all working mothers feel is not because you are doing something wrong. It’s just too much work for one person to do. So, giving yourself a break for feeling so stressed is the first step to sanity. And here’s some good news: working mothers are the most productive, creative, and responsible people on the planet. I think they will be the ones to really change the world. Take pride in that. Ultimately, the only solution to the strain on women is to get men fully involved in parenting. When men feel an equal sense of responsibility to nurture children, to take care of the home, to join women in the work of creating healthy families, then policies will begin to change. This means that moms have one more title to add to their bulging job descriptions: Revolutionary. We have to change the whole system. Gloria Steinem said, “We’ve taken one giant step forward by convincing the majority of the country that women can do what men can do. But the next step is convincing the country that men can do what women can do. So far, we don’t believe it ourselves.”