Thursday, June 26, 2014

A break for Oysters

Last week as we upped the pace of our house yet again and prepared for a very special visitor to join us for the summer, or longer, I was starting to feel overwhelmed.   The head under water feeling was palpable.  I felt I was slipping and worse, knew life was going to get busier in the coming weeks.

Before I fell from the zen platform I'd been happily residing on for a few months, I called the nanny asked if she could stay a few extra hours and called my husband and asked if he could meet me at a pre-baby favorite spot of ours, a local oyster bar.   The weather was beautiful, we met at the bar, drank some beer, ate our first oysters of the season and just simply chilled.

And let me tell you, it worked.  It was just enough time to ourselves to take a step back, breathe and enjoy.  All was going to be fine - better than fine, all was really great.   A sign of my maturity, I suppose.  I no longer seek perfection or avoid difficulty.  They are just a part of the human experience.  The important thing to remember, as I've said so many times on this blog before, it's all part of the ride.  It comes, it goes.  Nothing, good or bad, is forever.

But lest me not forget the healing power of oysters and beer on a warm summer night.