Thursday, June 5, 2014

To parent

I often think about the parent I am and the parent I'd like to be.  We all have our own definitions and priorities and there really is no "best" way.  To me, the best parent I can be is a delicate balance.  It's finding a way to direct while at exactly the same time, let go.  It's nurturing while simultaneously letting him fall down without much reaction.  It's protecting yet being sure he faces challenges, some he'll win and others he'll lose.   It's hoping they find the lesson in the heartbreak and the victory.  

Ultimately, my hope is and always will be just to foster and encourage him to be his best version of himself.   I will do my best to teach him - as I do believe that is an important part of my role - but when the time comes, I will let him fly.  Hoping that I've done my job so well that he soars to a place beyond my wildest imaginings.

Dad teaching you about the pool, age 1.5

(R - that you never stop trying, learning and pushing to be a better person.  R - that you teach J & I to go after it, letting go of a need for perfection or a fear of failing.  R - that you are at once a strong leader and a compassionate team player.)