Friday, March 9, 2012

Kitchen Vision

There is so much kitchen eye-candy out there.  Between blogs, websites, and home decor mags you could spend days dedicated to curating the perfect portfolio of kitchen fabulous-ness.  

There's the country kitchen, the sleek kitchen, the retro kitchen and the ornate.  They might be white, wood, colored, eat-in or galley.  My particular aesthetic, you may be starting to notice, is towards soothing tones, natural materials and under-design.

Joslyn over at Simple Lovely, seems to have this gift of introducing sites and resources that always peak my interest.  A few weeks ago she linked us over to this article on Tales of Endearment.  In the collection of photographs was this one of Athena's kitchen.  The casual vibe, the "action" of the kids, the seeming realness captured in the photo made it different than the loads of ones we typically see.  Makes you wonder what we're really looking at when we see a photo of a greatly designed space. it just to make our home a place of sensory satisfaction or is it something else - a daydream of a perfectly designed space and a perfectly fulfilled life....