Thursday, August 14, 2014

A thought on TBT

TBT, throwback Thursday, is a fun little gimmick.  It's cute to see some old photos or remember a time before this one but everytime I see a post (my own very much included), I can't help wonder whether the whole notion is askew.  We can't glorify the past --- it wasn't some perfect time when kids rode bikes and were free as the wind.   No, I remember many a summer day being bored to death with no fresh ideas and just waiting for the time to pass.   Sure - I had many fun moments, so many, but the concern with the TBT idea is that nobody ever took a photo of me watching my 4th consecutive hour of gameshows or driving around with a highschool friend daydreaming about what we hoped the future would look like.

I like life these days.  I love my baby's chubby little legs and his amazing giggle.  One day I will no doubt yearn for these moments so the solution is to savor them.  Savor the tiredness, the extra few pounds I'm carrying, the messy house.  They will all be gone one day.  But lucky are we who make the memories, who feel the love, who live the moments.   Today I'm focusing on today.