Friday, August 15, 2014


Tuesday and Friday mornings for the past few months, I've found myself at Fithouse.  The girl who opened it is a friend of a friend and spent some time with my husband asking about his experience with a fitness business.  So I had an extra vested interest in seeing her vision come to be and rooting for her to win.

That said, she is the real deal.  Not only is she in killer shape but the energy that she brings to each and every cycle class is through the roof.  The other teachers are exceptional too, although I know enough about leadership at this point to know that it starts at the top.   For 45 minutes, she pushes us beyond what I ever thought possible and while the classes began as tortuous and felt like eternity, they've become a highlight of my week.  Her playlist is as incredible as her energy and the classes have a wonderful pace --- we kill it but about 2/3 through the class comes my favorite part - the lights go out, no instruction is given and we just ride to our own beat.   Those 4 minutes are everything.

She adds a lot of motivation and lines to keep us going --- heard often are the reminders that we are stronger than we think and yes we can, yes we will.  I'm so happy I have those times in the week.
There's no better way to start my day.    Thanks Britt!