Monday, August 18, 2014


I know I say this every time.... but 21 months is just killing it in cuteness!   You babble a lot, dying to talk and tell us what you think....  even without many words though, you always get your point across.  Words you don't hesitate with are "mommy"  "daddeee" "fo" (you're nickname for Lucca)  "ba" (your word for all buses and trucks), "duck", "ow, ow" (for the dog), "ovo" (portuguese for egg), "A-ta" (portuguese expression basically meaning "I get it") "yeah" (always a little high pitched for added enthusiasm) "night-night" and your personal favorite - Bubbles!!!!   Every week in music class they have a segment of class where they blow bubbles around the room and you get so excited and say "Bubbles!"  "Bubbles!" the entire time.   You also say bubbles when we put them in your tub!  

I couldn't ask for more.