Wednesday, October 29, 2014

23 months

Our final month before you turn 2!  I can hardly believe how fast you're growing, my sweet, sweet boy.   These days you still zoom your cars and trucks across the floor, you have about 10 books that you read almost every day - pointing out your favorite parts of each page, you would watch Teletubbies and Mother Goose Club cartoons all day on the ipad if we'd let you but we try to contain it to only after dinner or a weekend afternoon.   You are super affectionate and will hug everyone without hesitation.  You never say goodbye without also blowing a kiss.

When we go to your room in the morning or come home from work, you greet us with a look of such sincere and true love.  My heart just melts as you excitedly yell "mama!!!" every time!
Sweet Baby Joseph, you are pure and simple goodness.  You have made life so good.