Friday, October 24, 2014


Struggling to get things checked off...  I feel like I swim in this sea full of stuff and it clutters both my life and my mind.  I'm trying to simplify and clear some things out.   Wish me luck. 

I just ordered a fantastic print on Etsy for our master bath.   The house has been stuck in terms of decor and organization.  I'd love to get a gallery wall up in our second floor hallway, some things hung up in J's playroom, a print above our console table and a storage system for our coats, bags, shoes etc.  Realistic goals for the weekend, right?   As I tell our teenager, there's enough time for work and play.   Now I need a dose of my own medicine.  

(via etsy.  Drawn to the organic simplicity of this sketch.  It's a print, so hopefully it can stand up to the moisture of the room)