Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 8

What am I doing today to move towards what I want:  I woke up earlier than usual, after my morning snuggles with Joe - our conversation usually goes something like this (do you want to lay in Mama's bed: yeah, yeah.  Are you mama's little angel: yeah, yeah)  After setting him up and the nanny getting in, I took the dog out for a few minutes in the woods.  I really wish I could have stayed out there longer with him (and I know he agrees) but alas, something is better than nothing.  I loaded the dishwasher, made my bed, put a few things away, packed my lunch and off I went. 

Honestly, it's nothing earth shattering.  But it is small steps towards a better, less chaotic, life.  I'm trying to find some routines.  I'm trying to streamline and simplify to make things work better.  It's the small things, as much as the big things that will help me. 

Oh - and as I drove in, I couldn't help but be moved by the gorgeous foliage.  Even as a lifelong New Englander, it just never gets old.