Monday, October 17, 2011

Farm Table Crush....

Faith Durand of Apartment Therapy wrote, "I've always felt that a huge table is the heart of a home. At least, the heart of the kind of home I want to have. A massive table sees dinner parties, family meals, late-night writing sessions, flower-arranging, and bottles of wine with friends and conversation that extends far into the night. This kind of rich future meant that I wanted a table with a past. For reasons of sustainability and texture, I wanted a table built of reclaimed wood." 

I was happy to find her article and grateful for her ability to articulate exactly why I am so drawn to Farm Tables, too.   I dream of the day when I can enlist Mr. Ellison to build a table for my family to gather....

(images via Restoration Hardware, Pinterest, Lorimer Antiques)

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